UKIP:- Strasbourg Semaphore:- Paul Nuttall MEP: We must realise who our enemy is

Bill Etheridge MEP: Uniting behind civilised values

Jim Carver MEP: ‘Broken record’ EU repeating itself on UN power grab

Bill Etheridge MEP: The EU is not a nation

Gerard Batten MEP: Acknowledging the ideological cause of the current terrorist threat

Strasbourg: Bill Etheridge MEP: Youth of Europe worse off with uncontrolled immigration

UKIPDaily: Catching the vibe at UKIP Thurrock

Common Sense:- Mail: Ex-Deputy-PM finally beats Farage: Former Deputy PM triumphs over UKIP leader in Europe debate…among students at Oxford

Oldham West & Royton:- New Statesman: On the road in Oldham West & Royton: Can UKIP win

Express: Corbyn factor making Labour jittery ahead of safe seat by-election

Home Affairs:- Mirror: ISIS bombers ‘are in Britain now and ready to launch a deadly attack

Telegraph: 46 HS2 executives earn more than David Cameron

World Affairs:- RT: Russia deploys missile cruiser of Syrian coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger

Breitbart: German Professor: NASA has fiddled climate data on ‘unbelievable’ scale

The Conservative Historical Review: Released: List of terror attacks covered up by Feds

Mail: Women wearing a burqa will be fined £6,500 in Switzerland after local referendum to bring in the rule

EURef:- Express: Leave.EU’s Arron Banks makes the opening move in an attempt to unite the Leave campaign under one flag:

EUreka:- Daily Journal: EU flags disappear from Polish government press briefings after political change


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