Common-Sense:- Thurrock Gazette: UKIP anger as leader Graham Snell says party is “forced out” of council: 

Bloggers4UKIP: He who pays the piper calls the tune: 

Brexit:- A Bright Brexit Future by Dan Hannan MEP: 

Telegraph: Brexit will make us richer. That’s why leave could still win:
Home-Affairs:- BBC: Net migration to UK rises to 330,000: 
Telegraph: Population to soar by 4 million due to mass immigration that will ‘change the face of England forever’

Express: Osborne left red faced as EU pull tampon VAT agreement:

Telegraph:- Taxpayers face bill for £36bn EU pensions timebomb: Guido: Police investigating shadow minister over election expenses:

EUreka:- Mail: EU plan to make TV advertising breaks longer:

Express: Eurozone rupture: Now Spain threatens to tear EU apart as banks lose £1.4 billion in a day:

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