Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage’s people’s army will get Britain out of the EU

BBC: Farage predicts huge UKIP surge in 2016 assembly election


Home Affairs:- Express: EU warns UK: We’ll cut funding If you don’t take your share of Syria refugees

Mail: Daniel Hannan: For pity’s sake, we must shut the border: The only way to control who comes here is to leave the EU

World Affairs:- Conservative Post: Ex CIA employee admits President Obama is a “radical Islamic” enemy of America

EURef:- Mail: UKIP will launch Its own ‘No’ campaign against staying in the EU


Breitbart: Islamic state terrorists caught crossing into Europe posing as refugees


EUreka:- Greece overwhelmed as over 4000 migrants enter Athens overnight as Hungary goes into lockdown


Express: European Union bureaucrats spend millions on video games:

Mediaocre:- Mail: Richard Littlejohn: What If the unthinkable happened? Donald Trump becomes US. President and Jeremy Corbyn makes It to number 10


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