Brexit:- Telegraph: Cameron’s deal is weak, weak, weak…The only real alternative is Brexit

Telegraph: Any self-declared Eurosceptic must now campaign for Brexit

The Spectator: Frank Field: This deal is awful. Labour supporters should vote ‘Out’

Home-Affairs:- Mirror: ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal teachers banned from classroom for life for feeding children ‘diet of Islam’

EURef:- Sky News: PM confirms June 23rd as referendum date

Mail:- Peter Oborne If he accepts this charade, I believe Cameron will be signing his own political death warrant

Express: Controversy as George Galloway is unveiled as cross-party Brexit campaign

Con-Home: In puffing this hollow deal, Cameron is treating voters like fools

Daily Mail Comment: A P.M on the ropes

Mediaocre:- World-Report: Newspaper clipping from 1975

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