pic:- Todays rib tickler from BrookesTimes

UKIP:- Edinburgh Evening News: Soldier ‘threatened to shoot UKIP MEP in the face’

UKIP slam English votes for English laws ‘back room stitch-up plans’

UKIP support the BVA & RSPCA in calling for a ban on non-stun slaughter

Vote purple keep Britain green

EFDD MEP’s award ‘recognition for the whole group

Common Sense:- Liverpool Echo: UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall selected to stand in Bootle at the general election

The Economist: Nigel Farage’s Polish friends

Malvern Gazette: UKIP confirms candidate to fight another Worcestershire seat in general election

New Statesman: Ashcroft’s polls Labour will not win a majority… and could lose four seats to UKIP

The Spectator: Another day, another UKIP dog whistle. Fancy that!

Derby Telegraph: Chellaston academy head in UKIP storm says the whole thing has been taken out of context

Breitbart: Conservatives fail to undertake £1 background check on ‘inspiring’ MEP

GE2015:- Huff-Post: One million voters have fallen off Britain’s electoral register

Breitbart: Revealed the secret behind the green membership surge…

Guardian: Labour advocates of NHS privatisation

Guardian: University professors decry Theresa May’s campus anti-terrorism bill

EUreka:- Reuters: The UK’s influence in the EU is eroding just as the Capital Markets Union develops and threatens to wrest control of the financial sector away from London to Brussels:IM

Common Dreams: Syriza vows to kill off TTIP as a gift to European people

Mediaocre:- Moscow Times:- Greek Defence minister invited to Kremlin for talks

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