Nigel Farage on the future of immigration post Brexit

Common Sense:

Breitbart: Judge: Farage South Thanet loss could be ‘declared void’ 
Express: Nigel Farage: Vote Brexit to take UK back from ‘contemptible’ Cameron and his rich cronies
Breitbart: Tory MEP: If not for cameras, Farage ‘would have been dealt with’


Breitbart: Savaged: David Cameron crumbles at live Brexit townhall
Express: Top economists blast government ‘deceit’ over Brexit and reveal risk of staying in
Mirror: EU  Referendum Poll-Tracker: Is Britain heading for Brexit?
Halesowen News: Black Country politicians to debate Brexit before crunch EU poll
Evening Standard: Homeless man chalks out anti-EU book on pavement in Trafalgar Square


Breitbart: The European Commission wants us to log into social media accounts with government issued id cards


Gatestone Institute: Censored: Facebook deletes a Gatestone authors page!
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