UKIP:- LBC: “The police? who are they then?!” Farage in a fury over police behaviour during anti UKIP demo:
Hartlepool Mail: Nigel Farage claims town will be among party’s first seats in Westminster:
Common Sense:- Huff-Post: Nigel Farage calls Rotherham MP Sarah Champion ‘disgraceful’
Mail: Charles tells UK Muslims abide by our values:
Breitbart: Surge in support for UKIP MEP sued by Labour:
GE2015:- Mail: Chilcot report will be ‘devastating’ says No 10: 
Mail: James Forsyth: Who’ll run Britain after the election? No one really:
Telegraph: Pensioner bonds, austerity and the reasons old people still get free money:
Mirror: Two islamic terrorists back on streets after serving just half their sentences:
Telegraph: Scottish and Welsh nationalists pledge to stop the English leaving the EU: 
Express: Flood of immigrants make ‘township ghettos’ out of Britain’s seasides:
EUreka:- Telegraph: Grexit is ‘inevitable,’ says Greenspan:
Sputnik News: Greek Municipality removes EU flag from town hall, citing popular hatred:
Mediaocre:- The Commentator: BBC & Islam: Let the children be raped: 
Reprieve: UK Government fights to keep links to Pakistan executions secret:
Conversation: Explainer: Is the Ebola virus mutating:
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