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Common Sense:- Guardian: White face, Blue collar, Grey hair: the ‘left behind’ voters only UKIP understands

GE2015:- HITC Politics: If Scotland votes yes, Britain may need to have a General Election!

Breitbart: Gove: Three main parties should unite against UKIP

Hackney Gazette: Journalist discovers 142 Lords with links to healthcare companies voted on the health & social care act

Telegraph: MP’s submit record expense claims

EUreka:- ZeroHedge: “Spain is moving towards civil war”

Scotland Yes or No: Telegraph: Scottish Independence: Britain is facing its greatest constitutional crisis for 300 years

Mail: It would be ‘handy’ if the Queen spoke out to save the union, says Farage  as he warns Salmond would take Scotland into EU state’

Sky News: Postal voters ‘Regretting their choice’

Prides Purge: BBC reporter caught red handed manipulating video in Scottish Indy campaign

Spiked: Where are the defenders of the union?

Rotherham:- Mail: Council staff ‘seized files  and wiped computers to cover up scale of child sex grooming’

The Times: Local MP opposed call for sex abuse inquiry:(Synopsis only, subscription required for full story)

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: As Labour heads to Scotland, Tories begin Clacton fight

RIANOVOSTI: Expert report by Dutch investigators of MH17 crash dispels any notion of a missile attack

The Times: Nigerian city faces total annihilation by militants:(Synopsis only, subscription required for full story)

Time:- John Kerry: ISIS Action is not a war, It’s Counter-Terrorism

Mail: Nessie follows the banks lead and relocates south of the border

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