UKIP:- N.E Chronicle: How Illiberal, how authoritarian, have some people become in their quest to airbrush history?

World-Affairs:- Red-Flag-News: News just In: Items found belonging to murdered ambassador may finish Hiliary once and for all

Poqari-News: Norway kicking out foreign criminals, most of them Muslims

Washington-Star-News: Obama is the worst President since World War II, poll says

Independent: Turkey’s President Erdogan cites ‘Hitler’s Germany’ as example of effective government

EURef:- Express: I could lead ‘No’ campaign to get Britain out of EU: Cameron hints in New Year message

EUreka:- euobserver: Poland passes media law ignores EU again

Mediaocre:- Express: Anne Widdicombe tells David Cameron stop dithering and allow MP’s a free vote: on EU

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