Refugee Nightmare:- Mail: Syrian ISIS suspect ‘is sleeping rough in Calais refugee camps in the hope of sneaking into UK to wage terror’

The New Observer: ISIS terrorist arrested in Stuttgart “refugee” centre; “boxes” of fake Syrian passports intercepted:

Express: Hungary gives army powers to shoot refugees in aggressive migrant crackdown:

Speisa: Air conditioned Saudi Arabian tent city capable of housing 3 million stands empty:

Breitbart: Wilders tells Dutch parliament refugee crisis is ‘Islamic invasion’
LA Times: What the refugees really seek in Europe:

Express: Frederick Forsyth: Our way of life is now under threat:

Home Affairs:- Express: Jeremy Corbyn ‘UNCLEAR’ why UK launched drone to kill jihadi who plotted to blow up Queen:

Express: Britain needs to destroy ISIS now by joining forces with Putin & Assad, says Chris Ryan:

World Affairs:- Express: Al Qaeda declare war on ISIS as evil regimes go head to head:

Conservative Post: Liberals debate to introduce ‘after-birth abortions’ as newborns ‘are not persons’:

EUreka:- Breitbart: Cameron’s EU ally says house migrants in EU parliament … no ability to stop refugees second movement to Britain: 

Express: What right have these Eurocrats to lecture the UK, blasts Leo McKinstry:

Mail: Now EU wants businesses to pay staff from the moment they leave the house:

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