UKIP:- Express: Britain must leave EU and control own borders, says Nigel Farage

Nathan Gill MEP: The Labour party has failed Wales

Jill Seymour MEP: M6 toll sale is a perfect chance to end highway robbery

Common-Sense:- Breitbart: Farage: Cologne shows we should leave EU, ‘Notting Hill’ types won’t even mention migration

EDP: We are deliberately being kept in the dark, however you cannot keep saying you are a government without a policy! Stuart Agnew MEP

ICAEW: London Mayor 2016: What UKIP will do

Brexit:- Telegraph: Peter Lilley MP backs Brexit

Express: Manchester City Chief Executive: Britain doesn’t need the EU, a Brexit won’t harm us

The Spectator: Douglas Murray: Leaving the EU isn’t an ‘unknown’; It’s a return to the known

Home-Affairs:- The Canary: Senior Tories could face arrest, as party caught cheating in these by-elections

EURef:- Mail:- Quelle Surprise! Brussels waters down PM’s deal: Eurocrats claw back powers over migrant brake  and city banks

The Economic Voice: Leave.EU announce the appointment of Alex Story

EUreka:- Express: The sinking EU ship: Shock as Italian PM says: ‘EU is like the orchestra on the Titanic

Sputnik News: Opposite of transparency: Germany’s TTIP room ‘smacks of totalitarianism’

The Event-Chronicle: The collapse of too big to fail banks in Europe has arrived

Mediaocre:- The Economist: Ditch pot production – but don’t let the industry run amok

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