ComRes: Chartwell Policies Poll: (split sample makes no significant impact on support for policies when UKIP prompted)

UKIP:- Independent Voices: Nigel Farage: It’s not me who’s ignorant – It’s everyone who took against what I said about racial discrimination: 

Common Sense:- C4: Nigel Farage: ‘I don’t believe in positive discrimination.’ 

Mail: Richard Littlejohn: Racist? No Nigel Farage is simply stating the obvious:

Thame Today: Nigel Farage highlights HS2 and immigration on visit to Aylesbury constituency:

Kidderminster Shuttle: ‘Use HS2 cash to modernise rail’ says Nigel Farage:

THE: UKIP MEP researchers being ‘taken advantage of’

The Constitution Unit: UKIP candidates: The anti-Westminster outsiders?

Guardian: Tories accused of pork-barrel politics in Nigel Farage’s target seat: interesting timing:

Kent-Online: Medway Conservatives’ case against Rochester & Strood UKIP MP Mark Reckless thrown out:

BBC: Mark Littlewood IEA  thanks Nigel Farage for opening up debate:

Leatherhead Advertiser: Q & A with UKIP’s Mole Valley hopeful Paul Oakley:

Chad:- Banned man to stand in election:

GE15:- ITV: Poll finds Cameron has damaged his reputation over TV debates:

Sovereign Man: Et tu, Britain? United Kingdom to join China in the anti-dollar alliance:

Telegraph: NATO head tells David Cameron: We are counting on your leadership:

Mirror: Terminally ill face being forced to do work experience or lose benefits:

Express: Rotherham embroiled in another scandal/cover-up involving under-age girls marrying Eastern Europeans:

RT: Asylum seekers launch hunger strikes, protests at UK detention centres:

Guido: BBC slammed over Charles Kennedy question time appearance:

EUreka:- Euractive: Juncker rules out ‘failure’ in Greece bailout talks: 

Oilpro: EC seeks strategic energy partnership with Turkey:

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Britain needs fewer pubs, top cop suggests:

IBT: Baghdad, new capital of Iranian empire, proclaims Tehran government adviser:

Seat calculator: Who will win what & where:

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