UKIP:- Doccumentary: Mike Hookem MEP and The true migrant crisis: 

Brexit:- Evening Standard: Gerard Lyons: We will prosper from Brexit:

Yorkshire Post: Exclusive: Quit EU and save 10,000 steel jobs: 

Express: Proof the IMF’s scaremongering about Brexit and the economy are wrong:

Mail:  Hello, Mr Little can we rely on your vote? No: Richard Littlejohn imagines receiving an unsolicited call aimed at persuading voters to remain in the EU: 

Home-Affairs:- Telegraph: Foreign Aid spending to overtake council funding next year:

Telegraph: Jeremy Corbyn’s £3 million state-funded salary and pension revealed:

World-Affairs:- ITV News: ISIS is ‘taking control of European people smuggling routes’:

The West Australian: Battle lines drawn as Britain squares up for EU vote:

EUreka:- Telegraph: UK ‘obliged’ to accept judgements of European courts, official document from ministers ahead of EU referendum reveals: 

Express: ‘Migrant crisis will be repeated’ EU boss admits alarming numbers are to enter Europe:

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