UKIP:- Farage for Breitbart: Cameron fiddles while EU plans massive power grab

Defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP blasts Tony Blair’s call for an EU army

Common Sense:- Express: UKIP bans candidate for heading up British wing of anti-mass migration PEGIDA group

Migrant-Crisis:- Express: Noel Edmonds is right: Britain is now totally full

Home-Affairs:- Mail: Brits to lose benefits in a bid to clamp down on European migration

The Conversation: are the government’s new alcohol guidelines an assault on freedom?

Express: Exams will not be moved for Ramadan, Ofsted chief

World-Affairs:- Express: IMF head Christine Lagarde to stand trial over £291m payment

EURef:- Express: Cameron faces EU revolt as senior Tory blasts European Union is ‘disaster’ for Britain

Telegraph: Merkel ‘expects Cameron to back EU army’ in exchange for renegotiation

Vote to Leave: Vote Leave Campaign Director opposes article 50 If people vote to leave

Freedom Association: Sir Gerald Howarth MP will campaign to leave the EU

Independent Britain: The Remainers

Semi-Partisan Politics: Cameron’s fear that EU partners will reveal truth about new deal

Express: Tory MP warns Barack Obama to butt out of Brexit debate

Reuters: Don’t mention the Brexit: EU bans plan B studies

EUreka:- Yahoo: Hungary will block EU sanctions on Poland…Orban

Mediaocre:- Unexplained Mysteries: Next ice-age has been delayed by 50,000 years

Mail: Richard Littlejohn: After Maria Miller’s proposals to allow gender in passports to be marked with an ‘X’, Let’s stop pretending ‘trans’ is the new normal

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