YouGov/Times survey: 

UKIP:- Steven Woolfe MEP destroys CBI argument to remain in the EU: 

Brexit:- BBC: Founder of FTSE 100 broker backs EU exit: 

Breitbart: Pro-Brexit student group denied recognition because ‘Britain’ in title has negative connotations: 

Home-Affairs:- Mail: Queen refuses to return to London to meet Obama: 

Telegraph: Lord Tebbit: Cameron should step down if Britain votes to leave the EU:

Mail: Boeing picks Britain as home for Its new European headquarters: 

EURef:- The Sun: Tony Parsons:  Staying in EU is no guarantee of safety … ask Paris

EUreka:- Breitbart: Brussels accused of selling out British steel industry by caving to Chinese demands:

Breitbart: European parliament crack down on filming because Eurosceptics are protesting to effectively: 

Express: Brussels spouts 5,000 words about cabbages! 
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