UKIP:- Mike Hookem MEP:  MoD accommodation for migrants an insult to homeless veterans

Common Sense:- Huff-Post: Nigel Farage: Jeremy Corbyn’s abject surrender on the EU shows the man of principle has been bullied

Express: UKIP attack plan to house migrants in MoD buildings, whilst  as many as 10,000 veterans sleep in cardboard boxes

Migrant crisis:- Liberty GB: Importing war & misery: (Strong stomach required to read this article)

Mail: Another fence goes up to stop the migrants

Home Affairs:- Express: Detention centre inmates should have a culturally diverse menu say inspectors

EURef:- Express: German police shoot dead ‘known terrorist’ following knife attack in Berlin

World Affairs:- Mail: Is the ISIS ‘house of cards’ falling down?

EUreka:- Express: European Union bank hands £200 million to Oxford University… they publish book praising Brussels

The Conversation: Why leaving the Euro is back on the agenda in the Greek election

Mediaocre:- Mail: Richard Littlejohn: Refugees welcome……to the age of stupid: Yvette Cooper’s pledge to take in a migrant family is more proof noisy emotion has replaced quite intelligence

Telegraph: The revival of Concorde is on the cards

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