UKIP:- Express‘Am I confident? Yes I am.’ Farage declares UKIP will storm into Scottish Parliament:

The Herald: UKIP MEP William Dartmouth dispels some EU myths: 

Bill Etheridge MEP blasts “appalling” deal for the UK: 

Douglas Carswell Something must be done about Tory election ‘fraud’:

Common-Sense:- Independent: Britain will never be able to fundamentally reform the EU, Nigel Farage warns:

The Cricket Monthly: ‘I’d be a bit of a Thommo’…UKIP Leader:

Brexit:- Bloomberg: Anti ‘Brexit’ deal talks grind on as Cameron meets obstacles:

The Spectator: Cameron ‘could leave with no deal’ as sources cite ‘serious differences’ between EU leaders:

 The Sun: Tory rising star Penny Mordaunt MP set to join campaign to leave the EU:

Telegraph: The EU can destroy our communities by fiat from Brussels. Sorry, but I’m out says Maria Caulfield MP

This is Money: Neil Woodford lays out the economics of Brexit, but would you choose to stay or go?

EURef:- CAPX: Cameron’s deal is an insult to the intelligence of the British public:

Mail: ‘We’ll kill any deal that’s good for Britain’: EU chief tells David Cameron:

Express: European Union needs Britain ‘more than we need them’, business giant Theo Paphitis blasts:

The Economic Voice: Investors prepare to vote to leave the EU as they reject David Cameron’s compromise: 

Express: EU is turning Greece into a destitute slum, blasts Frederick Forsyth:

World-Affairs:- Gatestone-Institute: Denmark criminalises free speech – selectively:

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