UKIP:- BBC: Ask Nigel Farage

ITV: Good Morning: Nigel Farage takes your Questions

Independent Voices: Arrogant, biased and bad value for money – It’s time for a radical shake-up of the BBC

Paul Nuttall’s verdict on Leaders Question Time

Common Sense:- Daily Star: Farage tells Labour voters Stop SNP in its tracks, vote UKIP

Express: Farage wages war on ‘BBC: Cancels interview and warns beeb has to much cash and influence

Express: Nigel Farage:- Cameron & Miliband ‘Betrayed’ England by giving Scotland more powers

New Statesman: Think UKIP helps Labour? Visit Thurrock

BuzzFeed: Anti UKIP group plans to drive voters to polling stations to keep out Nigel Farage

Business Insider: Is Nigel Farage’s twin a multi billionaire?

Redditch Advertiser: UKIP candidate’s banners burnt

GE15:- Express: Boris in desperate plea to UKIP voters as Tories try to snatch support away from Farage

Private Eye: Hp Sauce: Tory agent disowns his own candidate

Express: UKIP says  Documents should only be printed in English to make Immigrants learn the language

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