Pic:- Typhoon pilot left in Shock & awe

UKIP:- Paul Nuttall MEP: UKIP are the new party of the working class

Common Sense:- Spiked: UKIPhobia: The prejudices that dare not speak their name

Breitbart: Chelsea fan who may or may not be racist poses with Farage. Media go into overdrive

Braintree Times: UKIP candidate denies being on ‘EU gravy train’

The Argus:- UKIP candidate claims he was ejected from public meeting by PCSO’s because of his political beliefs

Your Uttoxeter: Profiles UKIP candidate Mike Green

Nueva-Diplomacia: Tete a tete with Elizabeth Jones UKIP PPC Dartford

GE2015:- Guido: Awkward Ed meets a voter

City AM: Public sector finances show biggest surplus in seven years

BBC: Ukraine: UK & EU ‘badly misread’ Russia

Mail: Stunning images from the depths of the cold war show how the RAF was always ready for the Russians (along with the aircraft most of the camps have now gone)  (Ed: That was my war, launching Victors from RAF Leuchars in the middle of the night to refuel Lightnings and Phantoms, to get them as far north as the North Cape to intercept Russian Bears)

MSN: Britain cannot defend itself against Putin’s military might, top brass warn

Yahoo: Bloomberg boosts funding of UK politics

EUreka:- Natural News: Euro plummets as EU edges toward collapse

Tomorrow’s edition of Courant Times is cancelled in favour of campaigning: #Carver4Stourbridge15

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