Economist/Ipsos-Mori: Poll of issues

UKIP:- Independent Voices: Nigel Farage: After five lost years, the coalition is finally falling apart

Jill Seymour MEP: Action is needed to avert UK haulage driver crisis

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Nigel Farage woke up UKIP MEP to demand expenses explanation

Independent: Nigel Farage vows to uphold ‘decency’ in UKIP after MEP Janice Atkinson suspended

PR Week: UKIP woos second BBC producer to boost its comms team

GE15:- Breitbart: Putin has been warned: British troops deployed to Ukraine

Guardian: The Westminster child abuse ‘coverup’: How much did MP’s know?

Sky News: Sex crime suspects’ right to anonymity: say MP’s

GWPF: Green energy costs ‘far higher than ministers admit

Express: Britain launches multi-million pound fund to help countries resist Russian intimidation

EUreka:- Breitbart: Three million jobs aren’t at risk if we leave EU, Study finds

Guardian: Muslim immigration is ‘Trojan horse’ invasion, Belgium MP tells UKIP audience

Mediaocre:- The Spectator: The children of migrants are just as British as anyone else

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