By-election result: Aylesford Green (Ashford) After a monumental effort on the ground, and 2 recounts the Tories won by 1 vote:

  • Con: 23.5%(-21.5)
  • UKIP: 23.2%(+23.2)
  • Lab: 22.6%(-32.4)
  • Ind: 19.6%(+19.6) LD: 9.0%(+9.0) Gn: 2.1%

UKIP:- Jill Seymour MEP: Closing power stations are we asking for trouble?

Common Sense:- Express: UKIP leader Nigel Farage more popular than David Cameron

Home Affairs:- Breitbart: British Christian brutally beaten outside home by Muslim neighbours who labelled him a ‘blasphemer’

Telegraph: NHS on course for worst financial crisis in its history

TPA: Public sector pay outstrips private sector

Telegraph: Chuka Ummuna suggests Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘nasty trolls’ should be disqualified from office over their pacifist views

Mirror: Family slams ‘pathetic’ ruling after teen avoids jail for raping 5 year-old

World Affairs:- Infowars: German government covered up terror attack at soccer stadium

BBC: This Week: Andrew Neil with a message for the Paris attackers

Counter-Punch: In the fight against ISIS, Russia ain’t taking no prisoners

EUreka:- Express: Juncker calls for EU army in wake of Paris attacks

Mediaocre:- Express: We should be the EU’s neighbour not its servant, demands Frederick Forsyth

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