UKIP:- Nigel Farage for Breitbart: Battle of Britain bravery came in many forms, and should be remembered

Jill Seymour MEP:- Another mess up by Government IT ‘experts’ causes chaos. Questions must be asked

Home Affairs:- Express: Cameron’s ‘knee-jerk’ policies will fail to root out hate preachers, blasts Muslim leader

World Affairs:- UN Population Division: This report explains a lot; replacement migration, is it a solution to declining & aging populations?

Sputnik News: Pakistan PM calls high-level meeting ahead of security talks in India

EURef:- Express: Influence? ‘No’ Influence! UK fails to block a single EU measure for nearly twenty years

BBC:- EU a ‘complete disaster’- Rocco Forte…

EUreka:- Breitbart: Exclusive: 600,000 Euro tax payer-funded EU propaganda push for American schoolkids

Telegraph: France’s Front National expel Jean Marie Le-Pen

Conservative Tribune: Breaking: Europe revolts against Islam…

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