UKIP:- Farage for Breitbart: Labour thinks It’s ‘racist’ to blame the Cologne attacks on migrants

Breitbart: UKIP’s London Mayor candidate Peter Whittle suggests Cameron’s threat to deport non-English speakers is laughable

Common-Sense: Breitbart: Watch: Channel 4’s Michael Crick highlights Tory South Thanet expense discrepencies

Guido Fawkes: Could South Thanet’s result be overturned?

Independent: Nigel Farage says some top Tories only support EU membership to help their careers

Breitbart: Britain’s Trump? UKIP MEP calls for  end to mass immigration to Britain

Migrant-Crisis: Mail: Calais migrants win human right to live here

Facebook: “Please, men of Germany. do something!” German teenager banned from facebook for this video

Home-Affairs:- Mirror: Iain-Duncan-Smith has already slashed support for the disabled: Now he wants to cut it further

World-Affairs:- RM: Ontario to remove 36,000 smart meters

EURef:- Mail: Fury over pro-EU leaflet ‘riddled with fear & falsehoods’

The Sun: If you want 11.5% of all Europe’s migrants to come here, vote yes

GBO: It’s time to rewrite British history

RT: Wall Street bankrolls campaign to keep Britain in EU – sources

Telegraph: Sir Michael Caine backs leaving EU and lashes out at ‘faceless civil servants’ dictating to Britain

Mail: Daniel Hannan MEP: What will Brussels be like If we vote to stay in

EUreka:- Express: Merkel hit by backlash: 40 members of own parliament revolt as Germany overwhelmed by migrants

CNBC: Europe on the verge of collapse: Soros

Huff-Post: With bile spewing forth from his keyboard Richard Corbett MEP Labour, suggests Labour leave is a betrayal of the left’s ideals

IDDE: The Schengen agreement: A triumph of unworldly Idealistic sentiment

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