UKIP:- Farage for Breitbart: Government’s green commitments mean our energy is double the price of the Germans’

Common Sense:- The Spectator: How UKIP intends to fight (and maybe win) the Oldham West & Royton by-election

Guido Fawkes: UKIP Oldham West: Runners & Riders

West Sussex Gazette: ‘Put council chief on zero-hours contract’, says UKIP Councillor

Migrant Mess:- Mail: Desperate Slovenia roll out the tanks to deal with migrant arrivals

Mail: Stockholm riots: Police fear losing control of Stockholm after fourth night of riots leaves the city in flames

Home Affairs:- Express: Fresh Corbyn-Labour split over new adviser who defended murder of Lee Rigby

Dover Express: Asylum seeker awarded £19,000 in damages for unlawful 21-day detention in Dover

EURef:- The Spectator: Mark Carney may have unwittingly strengthened the case for leaving the EU

CFER: Cameron’s EU gamble: Five reforms he can win, and ten pitfalls he must avoid

EUreka:- Western Morning News: Farmers must erect billboards ‘to keep EU cash’

Mediaocre:- Express: Blame the green agenda for steel industries woes: says Leo McKinstry

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