Common Sense:- Breitbart: Nigel Farage: Corbyn might win the Labour leadership, and England might be finished in the ashes.  I hope I’m wrong:

Home Affairs:- Telegraph: Osborne’s £9 a hour living wage ‘will attract more immigrants to Britain’

Express: Half billion pound UK aid project funds wedding dresses for African brides:

Mirror: Blair government was briefed about police paedophile probe involving Labour minister before it was halted:

Breitbart: The SNP has done for Scotland’s landscape what ISIS have done for Palmyra:

Express: Taxpayers foot 250k bill so prisoners and illegal immigrants can watch Sky TV

EURef:- Independent: Former UKIP backers launch £20m campaign to persuade voters to leave the European Union:

Telegraph: You want EU facts? We Eurosceptics have got 1000 pages of them: 

Shropshire Star: Shropshire boss quits industry body over EU stance: 

CAPX: Ten pieces of advice for America:

EUreka:- Belfast Telegraph: Freight sector ‘losing £750,000 daily’ over crisis in Calais:

Express: EU judges rule preventing travellers from stealing electricity could be discriminatory:

Mediaocre:- Open Democracy: The west, the Middle East and oil: a conspiracy theory?

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