Louise Bours MEP: UKIP health spokesman, speaking at Conference-2015

William Dartmouth MEP: international trade spokesman, speaking at Conference 2015

BBC: Tim Aker MEP: interview at Conference 2015

EURef:- Richard Tice The Know/Leave.EU: speaking at Conference 2015

BBC: UKIP Conference 2015 : What to expect


BBC: Nigel Farage: EU exit my priority, not UKIP

Express: Huge boost in fight to quit EU: Anti-Brussels groups join forces to win referendum

Express: Business Brexit vote ‘up for grabs’ as half of entrepreneurs are still undecided

EUreka:- Telegraph: France signals EU treaty change to avert Brexit: warns on euro survival

Common Sense:- Express: Together we can free ourselves from the EU’s shackles, says Nigel Farage

Huff-post: Nigel Farage: Immigration will be main EU referendum issue and Jeremy Corbyn is a gift to us

UKIP:- Express: Farage says UKIP is coming out fighting as he describes Corbyn as a ‘gift’ to his campaign


BBC: Nigel Farage: We’re opening our doors to Jihadism

ITV: What happened when Nigel Farage came face to face with Nigel Farage

UKIP Northern Ireland welcomes Councilor Donna Anderson

Home Affairs:- Telegraph: Jeremy Corbyn becomes the first leader ever to score negative debut poll rating

World Affairs:- RT: Islamist recruiters target asylum seekers, German intelligence says

Daily-Dose: Mark Levin to Pope: Why are you talking  about climate change and ignoring ISIS’ slaughter of Christians?

The Tap Blog: Germany quits anti-Putin alliance after NWO dumps Volkswagen, and refugees pour into Bavaria

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