Common Sense:- Bolton News: MEP calls on council to fly commonwealth flag on town hall:

Brexit: Telegraph: If the arch-Europhile Lord Owen wants out of the EU, it should make us all stop and think: 

The Guardian: Michael Howard: EU is flawed and failing and we should leave: 

Sky News: UK can thrive outside EU: says Wetherspoons boss:

New Statesman: The left wing case for leaving the EU:

The Economist: The real danger of Brexit:

Home-Affairs:- Express: Politicians stunned as young anti-EU girl makes passionate Brexit case on Question Time:

Asian-Image: Perpetrators of sex crimes should be classed as ‘Pakistani Muslims not Asians’ says Sikh organisations:

EURef:- GBO: Are you ready for an EU propaganda overload? 

Mail: We’ll thrive outside EU’ … Lloyds bank chief:

EurActiv: EU judges could strike down migrant benefit curbs after UK referendum:
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