UKIP:- Nigel Farage speaks to the American Conservatives at CPAC: 

Margate15: Spring Conference: Nigel Farage keynote speech:

Live link for spring conference:

Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage all set for Westminster as he surges to 11 point poll lead:

Guardian: Nigel Farage on course to win Thanet South says poll:

Sky News: The cult of Farage: Hero’s welcome in US: 

BBC Daily Politics: Suzanne Evans laughs off Andrew Neil’s childish questions: 

BBC News: UKIP are the party of the NHS Mark Reckless MP: 

BBC News: Patrick O’Flynn lays out UKIP’s financial plans:

BBC News: Steven Woolfe MEP; UKIP could have more than 6-8 MP’s in May:

Buzz-Feed: Leaflets handed out at UKIP conference say teaching LGBT rights in schools is “Sexual Grooming”

Mirror: Meet UKIP’s first goth: ‘Alternative’ council candidate says Nigel Farage speaks for young people:

Mail: Judge orders UKIP candidate, don’t take your children to rallies:

GE15:- C4 News: It’s like ‘Beirut’: the town where houses are on sale for £1:

Express: Pupils ‘misled’ into EU support with ‘distorted’ history lessons:
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