UKIP:- Basingstoke: 17-11-15 Nigel Farage speaks about the Islamic attacks in Paris

Common Sense:- Metro: Tory Councillor told to pay for UKIP candidate’s dental work after slapping him

Home Affairs:- Express: Revealed: Top of the range RAF spy plane gathering intelligence for ISIS bombing raids

Telegraph: Jeremy Corbyn told to resign by Labour MPs as Syria vote engulfs his leadership:( I say keep him he’s the best thing that ever happened to Labour! Have your say on the online poll in this article)

World Affairs:- Middle East Eye: Who are the 70,000 fighters the UK will be backing in Syria?

Express: Paris massacre cops arrest German arms dealer, as 800 ‘ISIS weapons’ seized

Top-Right News: This nation just had a massive protest against Islam: Horrified media censored it Iraqi forces capture Israeli Colonel alongside ISIS fighters

Migrant Crisis:- RT: French police unleash tear gas against migrants in Calais, Mayor calls for army help

RT: Dutch welcome: Pig heads left at ‘migrants’ camp entrance in Netherlands

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