Common Sense:- This Morning: Eamonn Holmes admits his job is to make Nigel Farage look nuts

BBC:- UKIP’s Douglas Carswell MP on Immigration figures and the House of Lords

Home Affairs:- The One-Show: UKIP supporter declares it’s my patriotic duty to vote for Jeremy Corbyn

Express:- Cameron’s Immigration figures don’t include UK’s 1.1 million Illegal Immigrants

Political Scrapbook:- Labour’s contest is set in 2005 not 1981

The Economic Voice:- New peer creations show the venal side of government

Mail:- End of solar panel boom as subsidies slashed

World Affairs:- Telegraph: French intelligence fears Islamist ‘missile strike on airliner’ or 9/11 style attack

Speisa:- The wealthy Saudi Arabia and other gulf states receive zero Syrian refugees

Mediaocre:-  Express: Mass Immigration will destroy Britain If we don’t act now blasts Douglas Murray

Mail:- Richard Littlejohn: 8m Immigrants? Can I bring a friend?

Express:- Immigration will wreck Corbyn when he is leader says Leo McKinstry

Express:- Frederick Forsyth: World more dangerous than ever It’s budgetary madness for the UK not to defend itself:

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