UKIP:- Farage for Breitbart: Universities are rife with EU propaganda, join my campaign against It

Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP gets very cross over crucifix removal

Common Sense:- Robin Hood YouTube Channel: BBC – This Week: You can’t trust the snobby Tories says Nigel Farage

Breitbart: Is Nigel Farage too toxic to lead the Leave EU referendum campaign? Computer says No

Pink News: UKIP is the only party with a gay candidate for Mayor of London

Carrick Times: Defection welcomed by UKIP Councilor

Home Affairs:- Business Insider: I’m starting to think a ‘Brexit’ is a good idea and I never thought  I’d ever say that

Telegraph: BBC presenter admits some of its audiences are politically biased

World Affairs: CNN: Russia’s Lavrov on Syria targets: If It looks like a terrorist, walks like a terrorist

Express: Climate Change shock: Earth’s natural coolant could be twice as powerful as first thought

EURef:- FT (£): EU a ‘flawed concept’, says prominent city fund manager

Express: EU referendum: Lord Lawson: EU is ‘damaging’ Britain cries Tory grandee as he heads Brexit campaign

EUreka:- Speisa: Civil unrest and street fighting has begun in Germany

YouTube: Watch: Pegida march sees thousands of anti-Islam protestors take to German streets

The Spectator: Euroscepticism is growing all over Europe

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