UKIP:- Farage for Breitbart: Time for Tory eurosceptics to put up or shut up, Do the ‘bastards’ have the balls?

Paul Nuttall MEP: The story of the grape peeling machine:

Common Sense:- City AM: UKIP leader Nigel Farage gets tough on Brexit: “David Cameron’s attempts at renegotiation are embarrassing” 

EUreka:- The Local: Austrians launch petition for EU withdrawal:

euobserver: Varoufakis: Greece cannot print the drachma: 

euobserver: Bulgarian Lev makes inroads in Greece:

thecommentator: Vicious EU will let Athens burn for failed Euro dystopia: 

The Economic Voice: Most business leaders think Grexit will occur within a year:

TNW News: Wikipedia is fighting to stop EU banning use of photos taken in public places:

Mediaocre:- Express: Hundreds of immigrants ‘to be freed from detention centres  before being granted asylum.

Telegraph: Lockheed F35 destined for UK aircraft carriers, is turned inside out and upside down by 40 year old F16 in dogfight:

New Statesman: David Cameron is pursuing the same anti-terror tactics as Tony Blair. It’s time for a rethink:

Express: America blocks plans to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq:

DC Clothesline: Is Texas gearing up to defy federal power?

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