UKIP:- Watch live stream of Nigel’s announcement as he launches… The “Say No” to the EU Tour

Jonathan Arnott:- Nissan announcement shatters Labour’s EU campaign

Common Sense:- BBC: Nigel Farage calls for Syrian refugees to be allowed into UK: (Dec 2013)

Telegraph:- Nigel Farage: Jeremy Corbyn, join me in saying no to the EU

Huff-Post:- Nigel Farage…No point in voting Green if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour leader

Huff-Post:- Nigel Farage blasts ‘compassionate’ response to refugee crisis as a ‘threat to security’

Economic Voice:- Resounding ‘No to the EU’ in first debate of the in/out campaign

Breitbart:- “Pathetic” Establishment journos run four-month-old anti-UKIP immigration poll, claim it’s “new”

Home Affairs:- Broadcast Now: Whittingdale warns BBC and Ofcom over EU coverage

World Affairs:- RT: EU refugee crisis ‘absolutely expected’- Putin

KTI:- Were the father’s teeth to blame for the little boy’s death?

EUreka:- Speisa: Is France going to ban Islam in 2017?

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: Anne Marie Waters: BBC made me look as ‘radical’ as an Islamist hate preacher, for opposing violent Islamism

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