Times/YouGov EU poll: Excluding don’t knows: Leave 56% Remain 44% (1675 voters taken 3/4 Feb) a 4 point shift to leave in the week of the PM’s victory:

UKIP:- BreitbartFarage: ‘Vote Leave’ Campaign are talking about a ‘double referendum’ – we can’t allow it: 

Home-Affairs:- Sky News: FGM case reported 109 minutes in England: 

EURef:- Express: Trouble brewing in David Cameron’s cabinet as minister says ‘I’ll campaign for exit’:

Mail: David Davies MP launches bid to lead EU out campaign: 

The Economic Voice: Open letter from Arron Banks to Conservative MP’s:

Express: ‘If Brits want to leave, let them leave’ EU President blasts:

FullFact.org: Dropping the commitment to “ever closer union” would have a direct legal effect:

EUreka:- Breitbart: German students should take compulsory Arabic lessons says leading professor:

GBO: Greece is the sacrificial lamb of the EU once again: 

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