poll:- Populus: Lab 34% (-) Con 31% (-) UKIP 16% (+2) Oth 11% (-2)

UKIP:- BBCNews: Rotherham Police are useless: Nigel Farage

Independent Voices: Nigel Farage: Rotherham’s doctrine of multiculturalism was fundamentally flawed – It’s time for ‘inter-culturalism’

The UK must not get drawn into another middle eastern war: Mike Hookem MEP: Defence spokesman

Common Sense:- Yorkshire Post: Farage abandons Rotherham event as protestors mob UKIP office

Mail: Nigel Farage is trapped in UKIP office in Rotherham

Hartlepool Mail: Farage in charge? Hartlepool voters want UKIP leader in Downing Street, finds poll

LSE: Labour votes in Wales moving to UKIP

UWE.Tab: I hung out with the future leaders of UKIP and they’re actually okay

GE2015:- BBC News: Army needs more minority recruits… General

New Statesman: Labour’s plan to introduce LGBT education to five year olds is the best idea they’ve had

Breitbart: Rotherham’s MP, Sarah Champion is a desperate chancer

Express: Give Illegals free access to schools, NHS and housing‘ says UN human rights tsar

C4 News: PwC promoted ‘industrial scale’ tax avoidance

Independent: GCHQ spying on British citizens was unlawful, secret court rules in shock decision

Breitbart: Multi-Cultural England: Are you feeling the progressive diversity yet?

Guardian: Britain to join NATO ‘spearhead force’ against Russia risk, says Secretary General-video

Breitbart: Rotherham where some cultures are more equal than others

EUreka:- EU funding illegal building on West Bank

Mediaocre:- Star: Breaking: Rotherham sex abuse scandal policeman killed by car

Telegraph: Merkel & Hollande on mission to avert ‘total war’

IBT: Jordan to send ground troops into Syria

Mail: Fury as Rotherham council boss refuses to say sorry to child abuse victims

Telegraph: Putin could attack Baltic states warns former Nato chief

Guardian: Wind Farms can reduce house prices by up to 12%

Telegraph: Instead of paying down its debts, the world’s gone on another credit binge

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