UKIP:- Evening Standard: Douglas Carswell: Digital democracy leaves the big parties behind

Amjad Bashir MEP slams EU budget hypocrisy

UKIP’s former treasurer launches legal challenge to European arrest warrant

Common Sense:- A Farage among men: UKIP takes lead in male vote

IBT: Nigel wins bloke vote: Ladies you’re next

Express: UKIP look set to win the rural vote at the next Election

GE2015:- Telegraph: Leaked: Top secret briefing to Conservative MP’s on Ed Miliband

Telegraph: EU surcharge deadline delayed until after the general election: (Is anyone surprised?)

New Statesman: The government is trying to slip Trident replacement through back door

EUreka:- Telegraph: David Cameron tells Brussels £1.7bn bill is pushing voters toward EU exit

Guardian: Treasury confirms UK will pay £1.7bn bill in full despite what Osborne says

ITV: Britain has not been given a discount say EU ministers

Bloomberg: UK fails to win budget payment cut as EU defies Cameron

The Spectator: What Osborne didn’t say about the EU budget bill…UK still owes £2.1 billion

Mail: Cameron’s battle with the EU mocked by Le Pen

NJP: EGF: Europe’s multinational militarised police

Guardian: Cameron plan to curb EU freedom of movement falls on deaf ears  in Helsinki

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Cameron sells Britain’s soul with the Qatari deal

Breitbart: Extremist cleric: Give me my passport and let me join ISIS: (I’ll wave him off)

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