UKIP:- Nigel Farage on the leave EU campaigns

TalkCarswellblog: The single greatest driver of income inequality growth in Britain is government monetary policy

Common Sense:- Farage for Breitbart: Hollande & Merkel come to Strasbourg, and more on the ‘leave’ campaign

Mail: Douglas Carswell MP keeps a UKIP foot in the opposition camp: Common Sense? Not If you’re the Mail, who love nothing more than pouring petrol on a imaginary UKIP fire

Telegraph: Douglas Carswell MP: Why I’m backing Vote Leave in the EU referendum

On the Wight: Andrew Turner MP accused of misleading the electorate by UKIP candidate

Migrant Mess:- Breitbart: Refugee charity stops aid to Calais because 97% are men with ‘no real reason’ to be there

Home Affairs:- Media Focus: Lynton Crosby in depth 1 on 1: His views on Boris, Corbyn, Cameron and GE2015: Listen

World Affairs:- Red-Flag: Urgent Development:–China joins Russia in Syria air raids…(Buckle up folks…)

The Slate: Putin to UN: America is destroying the world, and only we can stop it

Jews-News: Breaking: Russia fires 112 missiles at ISIS targets in Syria

Express: Russia tests ray gun that can blind enemies as it steps up fight to wipe out Islamic state

Russia Insider: Putin crushes BBC smartass

EURef:- Telegraph: Tory donors, Business leaders and senior politicians back alternative campaign to vote to leave EU: A welcome addition to compliment the UKIP/Leave.EU campaign

Independent: Kate Hoey MP makes the Labour case for leaving the EU

YouTube: Vote Leave: Take Control

Express: Take back power from Brussels or QUIT: Voters have their say on British EU exit

Mail: Hollande tells Eurosceptics: ‘If you do not like the EU – Leave!’

Ici Londres: “Our future lies across the oceans”

EUreka:- The Economist: Europe’s migrant crisis: Angela the beleaguered

Breitbart: Germans Told: Retire later, scrap minimum wage to pay for migrants

Spiegel: Close Quarters: Asylum shelters in Germany struggle with violence

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