UKIP:- Sevenoaks Grammar School: Government given B- at best says Paul Nuttall

Farage for Breitbart: The Turkey-EU migrant deal verges on ‘insanity’, a new tide awaits Britain

Migrant Mess:- Breitbart: Economist Warns: Germany’s migrant invasion will lead to ‘massive tax increases’

Daily Star: ‘Convert or Die’ ISIS graffiti Jihadi’s declare first European ‘caliphate’

World Affairs:- Jews-News: Russia just exposed Obama’s massive secret about ISIS…He never thought this would get out

Express: Putin sends deadliest ‘Blazing Sun’ flamethrower to Syria to wipe out ISIS

RT: Report city in Latakia province after being cleared of Jihadists

Fars news agency: Putin: Russian forces show impressive results in Syria, hundreds of terrorists killed

The Marshall Report: Putin announces defending Christians against Obama’s terrorists- Operation Salvation

Los Angeles Times: Scientists found something on Pluto they did not anticipate and cannot yet explain

Medical-Marijuana: Woman rids body of cancer in 4 months using cannabis oil

EURef:- Market-Watch: British getting comfortable with idea of leaving European Union

IBT: Arron Banks : UKIP-backed Leave.EU will campaign from left to secure a Brexit

EUreka:- Irish Times: EU to accelerate Turkey accession talks in refugee crisis plan

Mediaocre:- Express: Leo McKinstry: German leadership has left the whole of Europe in crisis

Express: Freddie Forsyth: Pack of lies about Britain leaving the EU

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