UKIP:- Party Deputy Chairman slams inheritance tax moves as ‘immoral’

Calls for health warnings to be put on alcohol are unnecessary and heavy handed says Paul Nuttall:

Common Sense:- Breitbart: UKIP MEPLabour’s scaremomngering policy lies must stop:

EUreka:- Express: Fury as EU gifts £22 billion to boost French economy…and it’s UK taxpayers footing the bill:

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Savers could pay death Tax whilst still living:

IBT: Who is Sister Christine? Brave nun 77 rips down Isis flag in Tower Hamlets:

Independent: Iain Duncan Smith blames rising immigration levels on people who refuse to get a job:

Telegraph: Fresh evidence of how the west lured Ukraine into its orbit:

RT: China to start direct sales of Fruit & Vegetables to Russia:

Telegraph: British Primark jihadist gets the bullet in Syria:

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