UKIP:- Daily Politics: UKIP v Labour with UKIP MEP Tim Aker: 

By-Election News:- Telegraph: Voting UKIP will result in a house price crash:

Independent: Rochester: The Tories are handing victory to UKIP: 

Mirror: Defeat could mean vote of no confidence for Cameron:

Express: Leo McKinstry: A UKIP victory will transform the landscape of British politics:

Guardian: UK donation to green climate fund gives David Cameron by-election jitters:

Common Sense:-  Sky News: Parties on the run as UKIP woos Mondeo man: 

Guardian: UKIP’s support is changing, and with it the contours of British politics:

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: “If you’re under 30, old people have stolen your future. and what’s worse, you let them do it.”: 

AWDNews: over 1200 ISIS terrorists hospitalised in Turkey over the last 3 months: 

Telegraph: NHS doctor flees UK to join Taliban: 

BBC News: Islamic State sets its sights on Saudi Arabia:

T&A: Disgraced former Conservative councillor jailed for masterminding immigration racket: (Had it been UKIP this would be front page news in the national’s not a provincial paper.) 

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