Observer-Opinium Poll: Labour 32% -3, Conservative 28% -4,  UKIP 21% +6,  LD 10% +3:

UKIP:- National Conference 2014 tickets now available:

Common Sense:- Mail: Is Sir Elton coming out for UKIP?

GE-2015:- Guardian: Can Boris Johnson silence Nigel Farage?

BBC:- Paedophile advised Home Office on policy:

Independent: Disgusting, frustrating, but intriguing How the country really feels about its  political leaders:

Breitbart: Labour MP Austin Mitchell says Feminisation of politics is making parliament boring:

EUreka:- Breitbart: How the EU is a threat to vital, scientific research:

Mail: The Lib-Dems’ lies about jobs and the EU would put Goebbels to shame:

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: 5 reasons David Cameron’s essay on ISIS is utter nonsense:

Breitbart:  Sainsbury’s remove kosher goods declaring ‘we support free Gaza’

Breitbart: Inclusivity co-ordinators have turned the Football Association into another Cultural Marxist outfit:

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