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Public meeting in Thanet South featuring Nigel Farage

Common Sense:- Huff-Post: Tories hope to decapitate UKIP snake as Nigel Farage’s battle for South Thanet hots up

UKIP invite people to egg Farage

Guardian: BBC prepare to boost UKIP coverage as it ranks it a larger party in election

Western Morning News: Most UKIP supporters ‘expect to govern

Evesham Observer:’UKIP have brought politics to life’

GE 2015:- Daily Star: Exclusive: More than 1,500 British kids are being groomed for Jihad

Express: Exclusive: No Liberal Democrats in nearly 400 seats for upcoming General Election

Telegraph: Singer James Blunt tears into Labour MP over his prejudices

EUreka:- Juncker: I won’t grovel to keep Britain in EU

When is patriotism a dirty word? When you’re British according to Lord Hill 

Wall Street Journal: Hungary’sPM urges EU to limit immigration

The EU effect on the Isle of Wight Ferries

Mediaocre:- The Spectator: Frazer Nelson: What Oxfam don’t want you to know: Global capitalism means there’s less poverty than ever 

Mail: Peter Hitchens on the PC mob: We need to rescue our democracy from this pannicky twaddle

New York Times: Man who filmed execution of woman in Saudi street is arrested

Mail:- Churchill’s funeral by Peter Hitchens

The Spectator: Religion of peace’ is not a harmless platitude

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