UKIP:- Breitbart: Nigel Farage: Iran nuke deal is ‘extraordinary’, they still want to wipe Israel off the map:

Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage blasts ‘desperate’ French President over calls for a second European parliament:

Home Affairs:- Breitbart: Cameron’s Islamism speech: blasts extremist-linked causes that he and his government have supported:

Breitbart: How British aid cash funds outrageous extravagance:

Mail:- English is now a foreign language in London, says Terence Stamp:

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Comprehensive fanatics claim you can’t bring back grammar schools: Germany did.

Independent: John Rentoul: Daily catch up: Where now for the left? (Especially on the European question.)

EURef:- Express: Billiionaire chemicals boss backs EU exit claiming Britain will thrive away from Brussels:

Thecommentator: A wild ride to political union If we stay in the present EU:

Telegraph: April 2015: Juncker blocks EU treaty negotiations untill after 2019:

EUreka:- Breitbart: Anti-migrant sentiment is on the rise across Europe, and It’s all the EU’s fault:

Mediaocre:- BBC: It seems ISIS bombed a city inside Turkey. attack on a NATO state:

Express: Suruc bombing: Suspected ISIS suicide blast leaves 28 dead in Turkish city:

National Review: The Iran deal is worse than stupid – It’s dishonourable:

Christian Today: ISIS is Islam and Islam is ISIS, and It’s plotting to rule entire world, nun warns:

Red Rock Tribune: Obama honours Islam before dead marines killed by Islamic terrorist:

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