Common Sense:- Mail: Jill Seymour MEP steams into Corbyn’s plan to re-nationalise rail network: 

Migrant Mess:- Breitbart: Mood begins to turn ugly in Germany: Pro-migrant paper admits there are too many, benefits are too high, and many are civil warriors: 

Mail: Four out of five migrants are not from Syria:

Breitbart: ‘They are rich, they are safe!’ Emotional Syrian blasts fraudsters pretending to be refugees:

Home Affairs:- Express: Osborne unveils huge Chinese investment in nuclear power deal: 

Breitbart: Corbyn derailed: EU directive blocks Labour plans to renationalise Britain’s railways:

World Affairs:- ICTW: Operation Salvation: Russia to destroy Obama’s terrorists(ISIS/ISIL)

EUreka:- Sun: Border crisis shows EU dream is over:

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