Common Sense:- Express: ‘PM must agree to TV debates’ says Farage:

Telegraph: UKIP leader Nigel Farage says having the Mayor of London on his side would be ‘a huge help’

Express: UKIP’s Nigel Farage brands EU a burning building and urges public to run for the exit door:

Brexit:- WSJ: A better Britain outside the EU:

Mirror: David Cameron’s EU referendum deal sees 6 key cabinet members defect to out campaign:

UTV: Villiers rejects calls to resign over Brexit stance:

Home-Affairs:- Mirror: Labour facing “meltdown” with working class voters over mass immigration warns Michael Dugher:

World-Affairs:- SPEISA: Norwegian Government: We will abandon international law if Sweden collapses:

Breitbart: Extra 14.3 million U.S. – born Americans are out of work, compared to 2000:

EURef:-Telegraph: EU Referendum: Brace yourself for an establishment stitch-up:

The Economic Voice: Leave.EU comments on Boris Johnson; Two referendums strategy:

The Spectator: The EU ‘deal’ is a political stitch-up: says Douglas Murray:

Telegraph: Emergency migrant brake likely to face Luxembourg court challenge:

Dorset Echo: Vote in our poll: In or Out? MPs set for battle over EU referendum:

The Spectator: Cameron faces tricky day in the House of Commons over EU deal:

Telegraph: David Cameron has achieved no reform of the unaccountable EU’s control of British freedoms:

EUreka:- ITV News: Martin Schulz: ‘Britain belongs to the EU’

Bangkok Post: Eurozone business activity slows in February:

Express: Who is the real winner? Polish PM brags after Cameron fails to stop EU migrant benefits:

Calgacus: EU wants to disarm Swiss people. Swiss say No – urge you to say Leave:

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