Brexit:- The Bruges Group: Emergency Exit: A comprehensive damning critique of the EU and what we can achieve once Brexit takes place: 

TelegraphThe EU has never had a trade deal with US. Nor, before we joined the EEC (as it then was) in 1973, did the UK:

The Spectator: Remain doesn’t get it: If they win, the EU is still doomed:

Home-Affairs:- Express: Record levels of mass migration from Europe damaging UK – Leaked government report says:  

Telegraph: Labour set for worst council defeat in opposition in 34 years: CETA the other toxic international trade deal being sneaked past Parliament:

The Sun: Deport delays for hundreds of European criminals being hosted in UK:

Express: Labour’s leaflet to woo Poles to vote is withdrawn as party accused of divisive tactics:

Mail: British shipbuilders axed because Poles are 30% cheaper:

EUreka:- Dan Hannan MEP: Why the EU will never give powers back:

World-Affairs:- List: Top 10 Obama insults against Britain: 

ZeroHedge: Latest shock from Europe’s refugee crisis: Austria right-wing party wins first round of Presidential elections: 

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