Migrant-Crisis: Breitbart: Watch: Calais resident brandishes rifle at migrants as his little girl cowers inside their home:

Migrant anarchy in Calais must not be allowed to go on, says Leo McKinstry:

Gatestone-Institute: Turkey: Christian refugees live in fear:

Home-Affairs:- Breitbart: Wives with benefits: Immigrants with more than one spouse win extra-payments under new reforms:

World Affairs:- Express: Could China spark war? Beijing tilts friendship towards Iran risking fury of Saudi Arabia:

EURef: Breitbart: EU referendum campaign splitting government as more Tories challenge Cameron:

Express: Top think tank warns EU has held Britain back – and membership doesn’t help us at all:

The Sun: Norway MP’s urge Britain to be ‘brave’ and join them outside the EU:

Express: Tory MP’s demand immediate Brexit meeting, as the Prime Minister tours Europe with his begging bowl:

The Times: Britain is better off outside EU, says Sir Rocco Forte:

The Guardian: Unilever says our 7,500 UK jobs will not suffer in case of Brexit:

Express: These maps of Europe show how Cameron can’t win EU reform:

The Economic Voice: The single market has benefited non-members more than the UK:

The Sun: Eric Pickles: ‘As a lover of Britain, I say we have to stay in the EU’

EUreka:- Thecommentator: EU puts UK/Australia special relationship at risk:

Merkel’s party, sliding in polls, explores speedy repatriation centres:

The Economic Voice: EU Ambassador to Canada says EU-Canada free trade deal may become law without UK parliamentary debate:

Express: Europe migrant crisis: Greece given six weeks to secure border or be kicked out of Schengen:

Mediaocre:- Pink-News: Jeremy Clarkson claims trans children have ‘minds poisoned by lunatic parents’

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