UKIP:- C4 News: Farage: UK should strip Jihadists of citizenship: (video)

Mike Hookem MEP: UKIP Defence spokesman Mike speaks out on behalf of marine’A’ Sgt Alex Blackman:

Common Sense:- Ben Swann: Why UKIP? The answer is in history-not bigotry:

GE2015:- ConHome: Cameron moves towards exit door, but will Britain ever vote for Brexit?:

EUreka:- Dundee Evening Telegraph: EU experts cast doubt on SNP plans:

Guardian: The Eurozone is an Economic disaster zone:

Mediaocre:- Express: Only 25% of fugitive migrants on the run are captured:

Independent: John Rentoul: All four party leaders less popular than their parties:

Telegraph: ‘British Christians forced to hide belief

RedFlag: US special Forces & SAS form hunter killer unit to go after Islamic State:

UK Column: A new Bill of Rights or why Human Rights are so ‘Dangerous‘:

Independent: Farmers in debt and despair as dairy market collapses:

HuffPost: Boko Haran declare Islamic caliphate in Nigeria:

Star: Anjem Choudary keen to go to Syria or Iraq:


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