Petition calling on Amjad Bashir to resign as an MEP:

BBC: All to play for at the General Election says Bill Etheridge MEP:

UKIP:- Express: Neil Hamilton: Sinister side to snooping: Don’t sacrifice the freedom the Islamists want to destroy:

Open letter from UKIP treasurer Andrew Reid to Rt Hon Harriett Harman QC MP

EU plan for our railway will create miles of trouble claims Jill Seymour MEP:

Common Sense:- The Times: Tory MEP ‘in talks on defecting to UKIP’ (Synopsis only)

EDP: Two Norfolk UKIP members cleared of fraud:

Manchester Evening News: Deselected Stockport Tory councillor defects to UKIP:

The Journal: War of words between UKIP & Labour in Bishop Auckland after mayor defects:

Mirror: Amjad Bashir: UKIP defector in foul-mouthed twitter tirade at former party colleagues:

Guido Fawkes: Bashir: accusations of more lying surfaces as ‘Respect’ party claims he was a candidate for them:

Guido: Bashir ‘lied’ about Times illegal immigrants expose

Telegraph: Amjad Bashir’s defection from UKIP to the Conservatives is not the boon it looks like:

Breitbart: Amjad Bashir: Conservatives learn again  “never buy the first pony you see”

Guido: Tories gag Bashir:

Potteries-Eye: UKIP announce Stoke-on-Trent parliamentary candidates:

GE 2015:- Mirror: 101 days to General Election: Here are 101 promises broken by ConDem coalition government:

C4 News: The pivotal pre-election postal poll:

Mail: UK government bids for £6 million contract to run Saudi Arabia’s controversial prisons:

EUreka:- Express: Safety fears as EU demand railways must go metric:

Times: Speed limiters may be made compulsory for cars: (Synopsis only-subscription required)

Mediaocre:- Wales-online: Vets call on Welsh government not to spend taxpayers’ cash on North Wales halal abattoir:


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