UKIP:- Daily Star: UKIP’s Nigel Farage challenges David Cameron to a live TV debate on Europe: 

Express: It costs £55 million a day to be an EU member … and for what?

Common-Sense:- BBC: UKIP assembly election candidate Kevin Mahoney removed from list:

Brexit:- Watch…Grassroots out Manchester meeting Video: 

Breitbart: Cameron threatens Britain: After Brexit we’ll have Calais-style jungle camps in England: 

Home-Affairs:- The Canary: George Osborne may have just triggered a financial crisis ‘greater than 2007:

Express: War games on Syria’s doorstep: British army embarks on largest military drill since 2001:

EURef:- Mail: It’s the great Tory EU panic as PM is roasted by his own team … IDS lashes Cameron:

EUreka:- Express: France and Germany in new desperate plot to save Eurozone amid German stocks meltdown: 

RT: Ex French foreign legion commander arrested at anti-Islam rally:

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